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Some call him a genius. Some call him outrageously controversial. Some call him just an asshole. Art Weekly answers the question that has mystified everyone --                      Who is Donny Smutz?  

Written by: Donny Smutz, Scott Larson

Director: Christen Nehmer

Director of Photography: Jake Brusha

Production/Post: Utopic

Set Design: Donny Smutz


The Boy with Squeaky Shoes is an intimate short film about how Donny's artwork transformed the art scene in Nashville, as told by real Nashville locals.

Written by: Sonny D. Motz

Director: Christen C. Nehmer

Cinematography: David McKay, Sonny D. Motz

Editor: Christen Nehmer

Audio: Brian Leitner

Motion Graphics: Viky Kryvanos

Color: Paul Galati

Staring: Billy Brimblecom, Cory Basil, Rory White, Sandra Lee, Von Derry, Beth Hooker, Sara Jean Kelley, Elisabeth Donaldson 


Recorded live from NASA, American visual artist, Donny Smutz, has once again turned the art world on it's head, as he joins forces with NASA on his quest for the most historic artistic endeavour to date!

*This short was created for a high school student from the state of Kansas, who selected Donny Smutz's art for a class assignment. The student sent questions to Donny to answer pertaining to his artwork. Of course Donny did not answer the questions on paper, but through a full stage production.


With Valentine's Day right around the corner, two best friends find themselves single, yet again. With fear and desperation knocking at their door, how far will they go to find "Mr. Right”?

Director: Donny Smutz

Written by: Scott Larson, Donny Smutz

Camera Operators: Christen Nehmer, Donny Smutz

Sound: Clay Bowman

Set Design: Donny Smutz

Producer: Jennifer Ziolkowski

P.A.: Jessie Smith-Larson, Mike Dowdle

Production/Post: Utopic


Director: Al Wyatt

Editor: Mat Evans

Director of Photography: Jim Hoffman

Staring: Ira Amyx, Katie O'Brien, Caitlin Barlow, Jane Dwyer, Donny Smutz


Outtakes and blooper moments from the making of "Art Weekly", featuring Donny Smutz as Star Cunningham, Theo, Allen, and Darnel. Also included is Scott Larson as Tad Westmorland. Written by Donny Smutz and Scott Larson.

Utopic "Holiday" 2012

Written by: Donny Smutz

Director/Animation: Donny Smutz

Edited: Michael Barry

3D: Joe Minick

Set & Character development: Donny Smutz

Production: Utopic, Chicago